The Celtic Phoenix - A thread to list the economic miracles of Michael Noonan & Fine Gael


They’re also in the middle of building Bolands Mills, a “mixed” use development that will have nearly 2,500 workers but contains 41 apartments. Google has bought this of course so those apartments will house 41 yanks while fuck knows where these additional 2,500 people will live. It’s actually quite infuriating. It will be myself, yourself, a load of dickhead Google millennials and a handful of eastern European hookers in a few years time kid.


Aside from the apartment argument, why are Google buying up so much office space and we aren’t just building up denser builds to save space?


There’s no value of life, mate. It’s all about profit, that’s just how it’s gone these days.

People will say that’s capitalism and it’s what makes the world tick, to grow up etc. etc… But part of capitalism is also loss, you invest in something, you make a profit or you make a loss. We had European bond holders that took such a gamble here in Ireland and when their investment went tits up capitalism went out the window - we guaranteed them their money and socialized the debt onto the working man…

Now as you quite rightly point out, we are being priced out of our own country and we cant build affordable housing to fix it as that will interfere with profits apparently.

The mind boggles.


Google aren’t property developers or landlords.

They would much prefer a functioning property market here so they don’t have to source these things themselves.

The people being protected the most at the moment are those who bought in the Celtic Tiger at boom prices and have seen reinflation of their equity values due to the lack of construction for several years. Many of these are second home owners and 50 plus. It is essentially the baby boomers to blame.


This is a completely tangential point, and I may be accused of taking a cheap shot at Bressie and Blindboy types.

But these cunts who preach about mindfulness on the one hand and tell us we need to get out of this corporate rut in order to be happy, well, fulfilled.

But on the other they’ll gladly accept a few thousand euro from these scumbag companies to tell their worker drones that all’s well with the world.

These people are the enemy. I’m off to twitter to fight a few of them.


I think because that genius noonan gave them a 100% tax break. Thick fucker couldn’t see beyond the end of his nose.




Try having an ‘e’ shop without the scummy hoors. They’ve put the squeeze on retail to the point where they have everyone endlessly out bidding one another, effectively paying rents which aren’t fixed and wouldn’t be legal in the property market.
They’ve created the perfect storm, you have to hand it to them.


Interesting. I am not familiar with e retailing on the sellers side. What do you mean there?


If you want top spot on Google you have to pay Google. If someone else wants it they also pay Google. They can charge multiple times for the same spot


That is a cracking business idea in fairness. Sell and sell the same thing many times over without ever giving it away.


Not technically true.
If you want to top spot in the adverts sections on the search results page then you pay them. You can still rank at the top of the actual search results without paying them. Granted the lines are increasingly blurred between the paid and organic search results.


It’s a bidding war at an auction where the hammer never falls


You also have to pay to be on Google maps if you’re a business. If you’re not on Google maps, you don’t exist . As told to me by a balloon shop in Cork.


A load of hot air that .


You just had to burst my bubble.


Their other business practices are a different matter really. They aren’t trying to be property developers and landlords is the point.


I think I’m going to buy a house somewhere else, pal. I hate doing this to you, but you’ll be on your own.

I never wanted to own property and I wanted to rent a nice apartment or house into my dotage, like people do in other cities around Europe.

Even with these rent pressure zones, landlords are finding ways to get increases beyond the allowed level or to force people out and replace them with others paying much more (be it via token renovations or whatever).

I can’t leave myself at the whim of these individuals any longer, especially in this environment where multinationals are driving the market sky high.

House prices are very reasonable though so it’s not all bad.


Some Estate Agents representative was on Morning Ireland recently. He mentioned a new apartment development down around the docks and that one of the multinationals had already contacted them to buy the whole building.


That’s what my auld mucker @Horsebox mentioned above.