The Celtic Phoenix - A thread to list the economic miracles of Michael Noonan & Fine Gael


For what died the sons of Roisin?


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If I understand it correctly, and I may not, did noonan not give the mnc’s a 100% corpo tax write of on inward “investment”? (ie buying up half of Dublin and rack renting the natives). Like I said before, they are the new planters, and we went out and got them ourselves. Actually, a bit like last time too if you think about it.


Are big tourism and big foreign investment making Dublin a bloody tough place to live in .


It’s very similar to county galway where you have foreigners with big pockets coming in buying up acres of scraggy bog land.


It has outgrown itself. It needs to start building tall buildings. Honestly, it’s a fine city, but it sounds a bit of a shambles tbh. A country should look after its own first in any case.


Let’s all go back to the 80s where half of the city was no go, a significant chunk of people were addicted to heroin, half the educated population was emigrating and the only people making a good living were the established professional classes living in the coastal region of Dublin.

Actually we really should go back.


There is a middle ground ya know.


A Noonan quote

“You criticise me for not intervening with vulture funds. Well, it was a compliment when they were so dubbed in America because vultures, you know, carry out a very good service in the ecology. They clean up dead animals that are littered across the landscape.”

Cunt should be hung for high treason.


I think there’s a strong argument to house google employees and their children in separate cages on their work premises. This would free up housing stock and lead to a better functioning property market in the city and elsewhere. Ireland should take lessons from the likes of America.



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That includes the site costs too though

Building costs much lower than final cost


It was on Yates last week… even when the council own the land it’s well north of 300k to build in Dublin anyway.

You’d have make shoe box apartment with no parking etc to get below the 300k


You only pay Google when someone actually clicks on your advert with them.


ye got covered in mud last Sunday


That’s some Bertie Ahern level bullshit.