The Celtic Phoenix - A thread to list the economic miracles of Michael Noonan & Fine Gael



It’s time to return the Docklands and GCD to the glory days before those Tech bastards arrived.


Tim loves over reacting and lashing out when he is questioned.


Sweet reply.


I am agreeing with you that there is a serious housing issue in Dublin. :neutral_face:


We washed it off


I am so homesick it hurts. I’m so utterly pissed off with my wife I’m fucking seething. I don’t know why. I think I read the brexit thread elsewhere too often. Fucking brexiteers. I despise them utterly.
BTW fao of @artfoley I’m back doing the usual in November and hope I can treat you to brunch.
Also fao of @briantinnion, thanks for that. He said you are a very smart man. I told him to get the fuck out pronto. Why anyone would stay in that dump is beyond me.


You should have a few pints there @flattythehurdler


Book a trip home for yourself. Quench the thirst man.


I will but I need advice. It’s currently 0945 and this flight takes off in 15 mins. Its a seven hour flight, then a two hour stopover, then another seven hours, then another two hour stopover on a plane which gets in at 8am local time. Then another two and a half hours and arrive at destination at lunchtime Saturday. I reckon I need to sleep nearly the whole of the middle flight, so was planning on not drinking til I guess et to dubai. I’d take advice on this.
I’m really feeling like I’ve been too long in exile tbh. I’m a bit blue. Should never have left.


What the fuck is this? Around the world in 80 days?


Take this to the International Businessmen thread.


@flattythehurdler checking out schools in papua new guinea.


no worries flatty. I’m sure you’ll be home before that as well for the hurling and I’ll stand you a pint then


Things must be desperate if he’s looking forward to meeting fart holey in November.


indeed, meeting me must be up there on the disappointment scale with having a romantic getaway to Iceland with you.




Phileas Fogg


Christ, a trek like that you must be going to Borneo


Inner Mongolia


I guess its an instant cure for homesickness sharing a pint with that goofy slaphead