The Celtic Phoenix - A thread to list the economic miracles of Michael Noonan & Fine Gael


You must really hate the wife.


I’m taking a guess here and I am going to speculate that @flattythehurdler has taken a three legged flight to somewhere in Australia. I’d say he’s gone via Dubai and Bangkok to Sydney.


He doesn’t sound too happy about it anyway.


No need for that @Bandage. I’m sure the buck toothed cunt looked in the mirror this morning and felt bad enough, not to have you knocking his self esteem even further.


Okay guys. Back off Art please. It was a playful jibe on my part and I didn’t intend any malice. Nor did I expect him to come back like Charlie Nicholas v Jeff Stelling that time but that’s another matter.


no need to project there brimmer, I look in the mirror and I’m good with myself. I’ve a good job, a lovely daughter, good work life balance.

failing self loathing haters like you and bando cant touch me


Ouch. Of all the digs and cutting jibes I’ve had thrown at me here that’s the worst by a long shot.
Don’t ever ever put me into the same sentence as the manchild accountant/ sports commentator again.


You forgot about the wife Art


given previous posts by certain cunts on this forum I didn’t want to open that door.


you forgot to mention your commute mate


good point

my commute is now a wonderful walk along the coast to drop the little one into school and then the dart into town. total time is about 47 minutes but includes priceless daddy daughter time.


I just dont believe that.


A new low.,


How did I miss Flatty’s meltdown today? I feel cheated.


I doubt we’ve heard the end of it.


Ffs sake. You’re married to a Hungarian weightlifter and you live in a grey concrete Soviet era high rise, and you feel cheated over a lad blackguarding on the internet.


At least I’m not living in Tipperary.


We have medals. SENIOR MEDALS !!! Lots of them.


Not lots


Lot’s of tarnished medals all right.
I’m sure all genuine hurling fans would agree that the 1989 championship should have been awarded to Galway retrospectively, given that Tipperary knowingly played a lad in the semi-final who had committed the same offense as Tony Keady, and was dropped form the panel for the final when it became public.
So, that leaves the count of senior titles over the past 50 years at 5 each for Galway and Tipperary. It’s nothing to be shouting from the rooftops about.