The Celtic Phoenix - A thread to list the economic miracles of Michael Noonan & Fine Gael


Same here.

Godspeed @flattythehurdler.

Limerick awaits


Who was that?



Amazingly, in a capitalist country and after a capitalist venture went tits up - we socialized the debt and made the most vulnerable in society foot the bill.


Noonan bottled it …


Offft …


The majority of Ireland’s debt is non bank related.

Keep spinning this yarn though.


Ye all partied.


We did and we’d do it again given the chance .

I knew things weren’t going to end end well at 3.45 pm on Sunday 2 September 2007 .


No. It was a bit ominous alright.


Could have been worse. Ye were treated with mercy. Look what happened the following year.


I just felt at that moment the trip by stretch limo , the 5 star hotel , the dear champagne , shanahan’s food and the rest just wasn’t sustainable .


Correct. Less than 25% in fact. And once the government’s interest in AIB, BOI, NAMA etc is realised it will probably be closer to 15%.


Boom is most definitely back lads when you see these articles in the local papers.


How come hardly anyone drive’s a new car in oireland? Why are the shops boarded up in Limerick? I thought oireland was back?


Spent all our money on hurling tickets, pints and commemorative photographs (avec frame and Big House) this year mate. We’re skint.


And four hundred euro for a round of golf.


Warming up for De Ryder Cup sure. We’re talking senior hurling* now, flatty.



Those were shops that sell window boards


That’s prep for storm Callum. Do you follow the weather thread at all.