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It is very boring . A boxing bout for even a lonsdale belt is far more entertaining .


Very sombre atmosphere in the gym this evening. People were working out alright, but only in a rudimentary sense of the term. There was no snap in the bag work and no intensity in the weight lifting. Solemn glances were being exchanged, but no words were spoken. This has set mixed martial arts in Ireland back decades.


I wouldn’t have expected ‘bag work’ in Curves.


Go on. Have the critical tenth, you little bollix.


Did even one oirish skanger win a row in vegas, all ive seen is the the underclass mouthing and spitting and seconds later on their holes or waddling away in fear. Like their cult leader. A fantastic weekend for rural ireland.


Ah Jaysus :smile:


Sorry pal, but you know the way it is.





@Ambrose_McNulty is not here to take part. He’s here to take over.


Khabib kept saying ‘Let’s talk now’ to McGregor when he was battering him on the ground


That’s just silly, he shoulda stopped hitting him if he wanted to talk to him. What a silly thing to do.


Watched the end of the fight there again. Khabibs buddy with the red t-shirt is a coward for punching Mcgregor into the back of the head.


Did you watch the parts with Khabib beating the living shit out of McGregor?


Personally I think Conor is a coward for jumping onto the fence to chase Khabib, shitting it, abandoning his team, pretending someone was holding him back then punching Khabib’s fat old coach instead.


They mostly looked like they were going for dance offs.


That’s an excellent précis.


McGregor deserved it, he punched an old man and the chap in the red did what any of us would have done.


I wouldnt be able to scale the cage


Has the chap in the red been named?