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Yes. Bam Bam Bigglovski


Blatant anti-islamic bias in the media coverage of this but Khabib, the hero, refuses to play the victim.

Basically the Palestinian Intifada all over again.


Fair enough, lads. @Ambrose_McNulty well deserves a good post or even a great post for his quip at my expense last night, but there’s no fucking way I should go without a nice post for the comment he responded to. That said, I think there’s a lot of Johnny come latelys perhaps influenced by the likes he’s already attained and adding their own like for good measure while glossing over my post. If I’m going to be the butt of another Jockstrap McTavistock type affair then my part should be acknowledged too. Jokeshop.


Sorted, boss.


I agree 100% here. I’ve given both a well deserved like.


Thanks @myboyblue and @chocolatemice.

It’s “nice” to see some good come from a bad situation. I’ll take solace from this.


Mohamad something or other


You can clearly see McGregor punches first and the Muslims just defend themselves:-


The small one needs to move down a few weight divisions


You’re always able to count on the two lads for a few safety likes in fairness.


You deserved a nice post there for setting up such a dinger for @Ambrose_McNulty.


I got very aroused looking at that.



I’ve bumped you up to 11 there now, pal.


Collie does not understand human nature. More self hatred as if the Irish are only people who laugh when a loud mouth gets his comeuppance.

Sure don’t the Germans have a word for it.


Nonsense. Irish people go ott in mourning when a sports star or team loses.

McGregor is completely unique. He has never been properly embraced by the mainstream in Ireland. He was getting overlooked for RTÉ SPOTY after winning his first world title and only captured it a couple of years ago, after being a major international star for two years.

He is extremely popular amongst many young men under 35 but that’s about it. The rest think he’s a dickhead and did even when he was winning.


He is a dickhead though


To be honest the “sport” is not really embraced by the media . My theory on the validity of the worth of a sporting crown is whether the Irish media will give it decent coverage if there wasn’t oirish participation . There MMA fails .

Also the Heineken cup in rugby fails too here . If there were two French teams in a final it would get minute coverage .


Cillian Murphy never won SPOTY either. Nor did Shaun the wrestler. Generally only lads (and women rugby players) who compete in non scripted events can be nominated.


In every Las Vegas brawl video I’ve seen, Paddy has been hammered by Mother Russia. Paddy looks like if you stuck a pin in him he’d shoot out Bulmers, like a dam with a hole in it.