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I hear ya - great that he’s into them
STEM chaps
Commounication is brilliant- I’m ok now
Was desperate
Ye’re getting there :clap::clap:

I left for the airport this morning telling my lass who said she felt sick that there was nothing wrong with her and she had to go to school. She’s after getting sick all over the carpet she just rang to tell me. She actually sounded fairly pleased with herself.


Woke up the other night to hear someone puking in the jacks. Rascal was in a heap. It was coming out all sides and he didn’t know whether to sit on the bog or kneel. Babba had a cough the last week but was taking his feed. Took a turn and thought he’d likely got whatever Rascal had so brought him to GP and he sent him off to Crumlin. He has that RSV but he’s getting out today. Mrs Hunt said it’s carnage up there.


Absolute carnage. Little one out sick since Friday of last week. We had to move last weekend with a sick child. It slowed everything down the fuck.

Took her to docs on Tuesday. Throat infection/ maybe tonsillitis. First time she ever got antibiotics and she’s back on form now. She had no appetite at all for a few days but that’s back now. Hopefully back for Monday.

But the RSV is rampant at moment. Her preschool sent a message around yesterday as so many kids were out so they’re off doing a deep clean now, whatever fucking difference that’ll make

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I dont know how we do it lads.

We used to be like that but now if they say they’re sick we leave ‘em at home. If they puke at school you’ll end up heading in to collect them.

It’s a hard thing to judge. They can’t be going off sick at the drop of a hat when they’re working

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