The Drunk in work thread

Singing in

Ho hup, although I slept in, so not in yet

Fairly sure I smell like a brewery

signing in.

If you go for a dump and it smells of what you were drinking the night before, is it a good or bad thing?

Normally a sign that you were drinking Vodka and Red Bull the night before

[quote=“chewy louie, post: 730647”]

Normally a sign that you were drinking Vodka and Red Bull the night before[/quote]

Didn’t have any of them chewy, mostly Guinness and 1 yager bomb

Stop drinking shit.

Had a few hints last night. Am feeling ok but hungry eating a kit kat chocolate santa claus at the moment.


[quote=“croppy_boy, post: 730649”]

Stop drinking shit.[/quote]

I hope that sounded funnier in your head…

But of course, everything does.

Still stuck to the pillow. I stink of curry and am afraid to fart. I have no memory of events from 11 on wards. Guzzled about 8 glasses of wine with dinner. Yurt.

I’m trapped in a glass cage of emotion

I hope my house mate is out, for when I rise I’m going straight for her knickers for a wank. I’ll probably just sniff them as I don’t have the energy to put them on.

I have a hipflask full of BlackBush in today :pint:

And here comes the hangover :ph34r:


I’m off drinking again at 3. I hope I get in there before the hangover kicks in

I’ll be heading for dump number 2 shortly, if it smells of drink I’ll make sure to update the thread

You disgust me you pig.

:lol: :lol: :lol: