The Eamon Dunphy Thread


Class! :lol:


Katie Taylor, Willie Mullins, Aidan O’Brien and Rory McIlroy on Marian Finucane’s South Dublin Coffee Morning just now. 10 minutes into this supposed current affairs programme and they’re still discussing a fucking rugby match.


13 minutes in all.


Not unusual for MF show to discuss the major sporting event of a weekend. Happens for soccer, GAA, Olympics etc.


In fairness to Finucane, she does a lot to highlight mental health issues on her show. Rarely has a show without some mention of it.


Not as a main story. Finucane hasn’t a clue about associaton football or GAA anyway.


Dunphy getting right thick with Brady now - and vice versa!


Great stuff!

Brady: you said Green was a joke
Dunphy: I never said he was a joke
Brady: you did
Herlihy: ah he never said it on air


[quote=“Scrunchie, post: 751125, member: 1408”]Great stuff!

Brady: you said Green was a joke
Dunphy: I never said he was a joke
Brady: you did
Herlihy: ah he never said it on air[/quote]
Brilliant :smiley:


[quote=“Sidney, post: 456379, member: 183”]Standard Dunphy rant against the “diseased” and “terminally ill” game of association football on Sport at 7 this evening.

Once again he picked a few names from his list of morally perfect and unimpeachable heroes of humanity that he regularly compares association footballers unfavourably to.

Tonight it was Rory McIlroy and Ken Doherty.

Next week I’m betting it’ll be Padraig Harrington and Barry Geraghty.

Henry Shefflin and Brian O’Driscoll the week after that.

Then Johnny Murtagh and Cian O’Connor.

Then Ruby Walsh and DJ Carey.

And so on.[/quote]
Henry Shefflin and Brian O’Driscoll


“Rugby is the new sex” on Marion Finucane’s South Dublin Coffee Morning just now.


FFS Eamo, Rugby has been the heartbeat of the Nation for some 10 years now.

This is Rugby Country.


Eamo must have left a long trail of unfulfilled women in his wake over the years.


Declan Kidney and Joe Brolly


Followed up a typically inept uninformed and comically ridiculous night of ‘analysis’ by using his platform to launch a personal attack on a fella who as farmer said is just filling in.
He was raging over king bullying tony o donoghue and then did the exact same to darragh Maloney. I’ve laughed at him and enjoyed his craic as much as anyone over the years but he’s an embarrassment at this stage and an arrogant cunt to boot.


Dunphy has declared he’s available for the Irish job


Just take in what Dunphy just said about Mick McCarthy. And no one to say anything to him?

And Noel King get criticised for calling them a comedy!!


Maloney is much more prepared to stand up to Dunphy than Bill would be.


Eamonn Dunphys previous quote on Mick McCarthy

On Mick McCarthy: “He’s one of the biggest whingers in world football… he’s a bloody eejit.”


Darragh Moloney - “Tony is an experienced journalist, he’s well able to handle himself”

Johnny Giles - “Just as well”

Fuck me, you’d swear Noel King was after bashing O Donoghues head in with a baseball bat…Fuck off Giles, you blue-rinse old cunt.