The Electric Vehicle Thread

Looks like gravel, not coal…

As long as it’s not too windy.
Or not windy enough.

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@maurice_brown is a dolt

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He may just have been pointing out that Stephen Eamonn Collins is a dolt.

Where? Why are we worried about blackouts?

Gravel looks like coal too

Useless slack maybe.

It’s what is typically used for generation yes. Slack, Singles and Doubles.

I agree with Eamon that electric cars are a cod.


Hydrogen is the future


@maurice_brown walking to centra to get his processed meats is the future

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You are always welcome to some lettuce from my south facing windows. Take a stroll yourself sometime

Guy here on the morning stand up raving about these; technology to swap batteries in and out in a few minutes depending on the range needed.

If you only use public charging points and if you only use the pay as you go and if you only use the fast charging rate.

Which is nonsense really. If you charge at home, which is what the vast majority of people do, the rate is anywhere up to 70% cheaper than esb public chargers.

So all that headline there is clickbait nonsense which wouldnt affect the vast majority of users. They hiked up their public charger costs, but they arent the only provider


Big price drop in Teslas.

Lads who bought one pre Christmas must be seething.


I reckon, like the ol saying about Jags being hard on petrol, if you’re buying a Tesla before Christmas, the price drop wont bother you unduly.

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is this man the greatest politician we ever had?

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He deserves to be in the conversation

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something something, he will have a police escort on his bike something something what a clown