The Electric Vehicle Thread

It recently dawned upon me that many people in urban areas have to stick a cable out their windows to charge their cars and some cant even do that.

What an existence.

eh, the lampposts have charging points - keep up

Outside every house? And apartment?


This seems unlikely

Nadia says no.

But the thing is if a car manufacturer is claiming 400km, that means 300-320km in the summer and 220-240km in the winter.

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It can’t always be summer

Only in your heart if you let it be.

not in suburbia

(6) suburbia - YouTube

You drive on the motorway at a constant speed between 90-110km then the battery goes down around 2:1.

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Can anyone explain this to me?

maybe of the 4.8kw you are getting from the grid, 1.3kw is going to charge the car

There’s a rake of solar panels. Are they not contributing anything?

they probably are and im reading it wrong

my one would have arrows from the sun going to the house,

My diesel has a range of 1000kms. Doesn’t matter what the weather is.


It must have a big tank?

I dunno. Ford focus. 1.5. Routinely get more than 1000 to a fill.

can this be fact checked?

Why is winter diesel fuel mileage lower than it is in the summer? (

Fuel consumption higher in winter? : r/Diesel (

I’ve never noticed a big change weather wise. But I’ll look out for it for this winter, and future winters until I can afford my Ford Raptor

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