The Electric Vehicle Thread

I was wondering that. Is it even legal though?

2500 it’s perfect for kicking about Galway. He says hopper can use it

My pal drove to castlebar and back in a VW eup last week. Range said 300k when he started off. Got to ballindine for coffee and range was down to 220. Fcuk he thought, he’ll be sleeping in a ditch in shrule on the way home. Slowed from 100 to 85 kph and made it home with 100k left.
Only time he’s ever been glad when a trailer pulled out in front of him.

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Stick it up on a towing ambulance.
The only issue perhaps is the licence of the towing driver. Technically on a car licence what you are towing should be no more than 750kg.

This thread should be renamed the utter hardship thread.


Are Tesla’s really that bad

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I was just about to ask how this lads holiday had gone cos I couldn’t handle reading through weeks of Twitter posts


We only want European companies saving the environment


BYD your bollix

de oirish vote for Nina & Maria mate - dey are backwards

Electric and hybrid car sales to rise to new global record in 2024 | Electric, hybrid and low-emission cars | The Guardian