The goodnight thread


When you order a bier in a German hotel they often give you a little portion of snacks to wash down with the beverage. Tonight I was handed a glass of chickatees with a peanut butter flavoured powder coating. I ate them all


Good night lads. Turning in - wild night out there. Safe home if you’re out on the beer.

@Tassotti - are you back safely from Germany yet? Hope the airports aren’t too mental after the Paris craziness.


Goodnight, online friends.

I’m away to bed now.


Oíche mhaith, a chara


Good night all I’m turning in now, still no electricity and no sign of Harry calling up for a candlelit cuppa and chat, so I’ll slip away up to bed.


Good night Brimmer.

Good night lads.


Good night folks.


Goodnight Harry.


Yet another fruitful day down.

Good night chaps. Hope Thursday is good to ye.


signing in from Yokohama
good night lads


goodnight lads


Sleep well Tossy mate


Night lads


night, chief.


night night lads


Good night Tass. Good craic tonight on the ravenous thread. And interestingly, the Connacht Rugby thread ended up discussing freedom fighting and snooker. This is a great little board all the same.

Good night lads. Sleep well.


TTFN ladies. IM needs his beauty sleep. School night and all that


sleep tight my friends,each and everyone of you


You too pal. I’ll say a prayer your watch turns up.


“God Bless Mammy, God Bless Daddy, God bless Aunty Mary, God bless Tassotti, and God bless Turenne’s cat and hamster”