The goodnight thread


You forgot Tj


Night chaps…

Evenings are getting quiet round here. Morning’s up to lunch seem to be where the action is at these days.


Night Harold.


“Mohammed, my friend. Please strike down that dirty German hoor that stole Tossy’s watch. And God bless Mammy, …”




Will you repeat tomorrow night without the hamster and the following night without daddy for the old joke?


Goodnight gents and @Naughton I’m off to bed,might check out some Facebook profiles I came across this evening


Good night lads xxx


Good night lads.

Watch out for creeps on Facebook.


Good night to my TFK brethren. Although it gives me no pleasure to see you fight and wind each other up, it gives me a certain amount of pleasure to see this. You’re all alright sorts - except for @thedancingbaby and @majestic_fucking_paddy. (Still laughing at that - from 33/1 down to 6/1 :laughing: )


Good night wonderful people and special friends


Good night lads. First day back at work today and I’m grand after it. A little sleepy now but quite happy to be drifting off and the fear is gone.
Sleep well buddies.


Sweet dreams you weird fuck.


Good night. Fell asleep there watching a programme on netflix about ramen. Starving now.


Night girls.


Nite nite all.


Nite Brimmer. Hould tough during this dark period of internettng. I know predict that you’ll turn a corner soon.


Goodnight, lads. I’m off to bed now as I want to be up early to treat myself to a nice breakfast somewhere around the Dublin 2/4 area.


Good night to you mate. The soundest man on here


Night night buddy’s.
Sleep well all, and God bless.