The goodnight thread


G’night lads.


Good night all. Pretty weak day here, people burned themselves out yesterday.

Sleep tight & give yer missus’s gee an aul flick.


Night night lads.
No drink for Brimmer this weekend. Have a minor team to train tomorrow @ 10:30am and then home for dinner and on down to Thurles with the family to see us beat cork handily.
Think I’ll give up the drink for a few weeks.


Good night lads


Good night @Brimmer_Bradley sleep well.


Night lads, fucked from minding kids all day. Talk to ye cunts tomorrow.


Goodnight lads. PC switched off. No more emails that need to be ‘actioned’ this afternoon. It’s off since 12:40pm. Sleep well lads. Talk to ye about 5:00…ish.


Goodnight lads, a beautiful morrow awaits.


What a lovely stroll home, the Estuary looked resplendent, night lads.


Goodnight, bhoys.


+1…One of the great nights.:pint:


Good night HBV. Stay lucky kid.

Good night Tassotti where ever you are. Thoughts are with you and the plate.


Oiche Oiche

Place is a boring as shite without @Tassotti


Thought you’d be dabbling with a bit of personal before watching the Bradley fight mate.

Everything OK?


Goodnight, online friends. Chat tomorrow, please God.


Buona notte miei amici.


Good nights lads, it’s been emotional.


I’m turning in also. Good night .


Sleep well, mate.


I hope you have a series of terrible nightmares and get fuck all sleep, you cunt.