The goodnight thread


Night @Bandage


Night night guys. Last night in Dublins croke park hotel. Here since Monday afternoon. Jurys Parnell square 4 nights last week.
This traveling and socialising and ‘networking’ is a young mans game, can’t wait until lunchtime tomorrow and I’m home.
Sleep well all. Long weekend beckons us all :wave::wave:


Night night everyone.


Good night, pal.


Guys, I’m going to turn in early tonight. Had a couple of late ones looking after my beloved Provos in the NFL Fantasy final. Need to catch up tonight. I’ll leave @Bandage in charge so expect reactionary bannings.


Fowlers tomorrow?


We’ll see.


Good night folks. Talk to ye all next year (tomorrow )
For those out, stay safe. For those in. Lay off the Buckfast. For those with family and friends, don’t start the new year with a row. For everyone the very best for 2017


Ah stay up with us buddy. Come on ta fuck.


In the words of my good friend @Brimmer_Bradley

Meh. Maybe


Just turn on RTÉ radio 1 buddy. It’ll cure all ills right now. !!!


Fuck you. Now I have to go off and pull like a dog.


Happy new year chief.


Night lads. I’ve Mass in the morning. Godspeed.


Are you a priest now?


goodnight lads, its been a long day


Good night lads


I’m off to my dormitory now. I’ve to be in
Mallow co Cork tomorrow morning for 9:1am. BTW. Where is the Gaa pitch down there. I’ll be arriving from the Mitchelstown side.


Good night lads.