The goodnight thread


Feeling a little tired tonight and I think i’m gonna retire early , guys.


Night lads. Sleep well


See ye all tomorrow lads. Sleep well.




Get fucked




Time to hit the hay lads. Sleep well


night lads


Good night comrade. I presume you absolutely nailed life today.


I’m away. Goodnight, lads.


Sleep tight major.


Not long in the door after a long day that started at 6.45am… I’m away to bed, good night, gents.


You deserve a rest after all that endeavor, good night mate.


Sleep well Galway brethren. The rest of us are still but dreamin.


FFS Mike. They won’t see proper sleep until Wednesday night at the earliest.


They probably won’t. But sure leave em at it.


Odd post for a Kilkenny fan


“The rest of us” ??

You do realise that 75% of the country aren’t overly bothered about hurling mate. They may dream of Sam alright.


For a lad not overly bothered about hurling you spent all day Sunday posting about the match and then made a show of yourself for a finish.


Watched the match alright but don’t recall posting that much on Sunday to be honest.

Point stands that the majority of the population have never dreamt of their county winning Liam.