The Great Segunda 17/18


@count_of_monte_crist Lacy is inactive in our match up


You should have started Andy Dalton :grinning:


@Mullach_Ide this is gonna bit a tight one.


Saw that big man, you have it tough this evening…


Yeah injuries and shit players. But need to keep integrity going too


The Greg Olson injury might fuck me.


@Clixby_Bream I see that you accepted the trade but it isnt going through until Tuesday. I didnt cop that there was a waiting period, although it suited me well to wait after that weekend. Are you still wanting the trade or when is Luck due back playing?


Your commish should be sanctioning trades as soon as they’re accepted.


he should. It didnt impact me, but Clixby needed a QB for the weekend and the trade on Saturday would have solved that for him. Instead, he had to resort to taking Jared Goff on free agency. Jared Fucking Goff.


@count_of_monte_crist is a cunt.


no surprises that he was playing me this week* and also that Clixby was engaging him with trade negotiations too.

*if he put the trade through, I’d have scored 24 points less


So all I need to get a W is Golden Tate to scored more than 15 against a much vaunted Giants Secondary and ODB to play no part.


Congrats @Mullach_Ide


A sterling kicking display from Matt Bryant :clap:


Sorry about that lads, had the matter been raised earlier I would have had no issue in fast tracking.

In truth I completely forgot that I had something to do to fast track it


I’ll use the trade thanks, Luck is not back for another two weeks or so. I didn’t know the trade could have been approved sooner or I would have requested it. I was in dire straits at 5pm yesterday when Bradford was pulled out. Goff was one of a nasty pile making up the waivers.

When I heard Cam Newton was getting treatment, I was going to reverse the trade. It would have been unfortunate for you to end up with no QB.

I’ll be putting Jared back where I got him.


On the face of it, Cooper over Crabtree looks like I was doing well. After the weekend, I look dumb!


I don’t mind reversing that part of the deal. Your call.


nah fuck it, I made it knowing the call. Cooper in most terms is an upside over Crabtree. They are 50-50 so I was just looking to upgrade. Plus Luck may come good to the end of the season too. I’m an honourable man in my trades and wouldnt cancel one willy nilly

cc @Lazarus


@Lazarus revised offer sent


Hmm, not this time but we might revisit this again. You have the look of a man you can do business with, not like some of the clowns on here cc @Gman