The Great Segunda 17/18


Last week I lost by .25 this week won by .38! Not good for the nerves.


I wouldn’t sell @Loko_Cove a virus.


@Gman 's luck continues


ah sure its only 41 points head start. and its not as if 8 of my squad have some sort of injury this week either. :confused:


Relegation :hushed:


yup. Turds here I come.


If you need any advice drop me a PM.


Benched Bortles yesterday as I believed the hype about Baltimore. Justin Tucker my kicker hasn’t even had a shot ffs…


Dropped the Jags D last minute :rollseyes:


As. Shame.

However, as is the tradition, Congrats on the win.


Hey @count_of_monte_criste do either of us have a TE playing?


Is Jordan Reed playing tonight?


Congrats croppy. You deserve it by more as golden Tate should have more points for Detroit winning td.


I was sick when it was called the other way. I dunno if Zek can outscore Dak by 9.5.

The W is likely yours.


well done @Loko_Cove. Barring some sort of major injury crisis, the league is yours. Top scorer for all 3 weeks so far. Dominating performances.


I’ve been down this road before and imploded. Early days yet


Ill keep the tips coming. Delighted to see you school these chumps.


Holy Toledo the raiders went and laid an egg


Other way round- dak needs to outscore zek by that !
I lost by benching the qb I traded for, my own fault


Chris Thompson holy fuck,I also lost 2 huge late scores with Cohen and Stafford but should see this out from here.