The Great Segunda 17/18


Ya I thought I had you heading to bed :sweat:


Not over yet pal.


Galway Tipp in another classic ding dong battle I see


Unlucky @Special_Olympiakos - right battle!


Savage match up alright. My own fault for benching Bortles. Congrats


Looks like the Tipp cunt is too bitter to acknowledge my outstanding victory


Or the Tipp cunt has a life you cunt.


Congratulations on your great victory champion, are the words you’re looking for I believe. I will also accept Well Done in lieu of Congratulations


Well done bud.


That came across as forced, can you go again please


Bumped for @Mullach_Ide


Congrats @croppy_boy and apologies to the league for starting an IA :sweat:


I hadn’t the balls to start Will Fuller.


It only cost you less than four points anyhow.


I have @Special_Olympiakos on the run the cunt


Red rover. We’ll meet again though…


My RB’s were decimated last night. I’ll be struggling to avoid the drop. Shady is now holding my running game together. Mid table anonymity is my target at this stage. @maroonandwhite had my arse well kicked in the end. Well done lad.


Any given Thursday-Monday bro. I had the lowest score last week, possibly the highest thos week


Mike Wallace has made two huge catches to give me an outside chance.


Thought a few hours back that I had an easy win but now need 30 pts. We can do it.