The Great Segunda 17/18


AFC division kicking ass this weekend


Hopefully you learned from your mistake and started him this week.


Fuck that Watson bollocks.

Fair play.


Very very close this year.


started 0-3 in the division. 2-0 in the next games outside of the division. That TFK division is tough :muscle:


Bye weeks and injuries really coming into it now.


A lucky break to see 40+ pts on him


The SECO after a few teething problems is starting to motor.

Unlucky @Mullach_Ide.


Some day, The Mullach Machine and Mullach Ide will get a break, :confused: Congrats on the win.


AP is breathing life into a franchise that looked to be out for the week following the loss of Rodgers.

There’s still hope.


Pigs and CamBam in an epic encounter so far


Useless donkeys carrying 2 kickers :rofl:


Hopkins was on a bye last week. Didn’t get one of my waivers to get rid of the other so didn’t bother my hole cutting him this week


2 kickers :rofl::joy::hugs:


Doug Martin could pull it out for him yet. With the game won I’ve a feeling he’ll run riot now.


Big Announcement. Fournette is for sale




Big game for the Denver D


What’d big Leo fetch?


Bell possibly, that’s about it. Antonio Brown too, if only some cunt in the Segunda had the balls to make a trade