The Great Segunda 17/18


Hunter fucking Henry :rage:


2 defeats on the spin. I’m reeling


:heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :pint:


Just win baby.


Congrats useless donkey, epic win


Ave ittttttt


It was my second kicker that did the real damage. Hilton really let you down.


Willing to listen to offers on Gurley boys


I’m interested in that trade offer, but not massively interested in Allen. Dont trust any Ravens at all. Plus it leaves me with no back up WR


Only just saw there now, you had the second highest score in the league this week. Shitty luck. At least in your next matchup you get to play the team that scored the lowest last week.


Come to me with a revised offer so @Gman.


I’d do a straight up RB for RB swap if you want. Or are you looking at any of my other players?


Good doing business pal!


Refreshing business relationship.


Very much like for like, but it should shake up both franchises


Trade approved.


Top officiating mate.


I’m banned from making trades but it won’t stop me from winning this thing


Why are you banned?