The Great Segunda 17/18


It’s terrible buddy, it’s come to the point now where I’m thinking of filing a collusion grievance against the segunda :slightly_frowning_face:


Whats all this? what has that wexford wankstain done this time


@gman I think it’s only fair to congratulate your on you coming win this weekend.

My boys tried too hard for a handy win last week.

They’re fucking wrecked now and in mourning for our franchise QB (who was cut following his selfishness at getting injured).


You’ve had a lucky break to start anyway! Fucking Cooper goes mental for the first time this season. And stuck on my bench.


Wasn’t expecting that from him. Crazy shit. Some tight Division.


unreal. Cooper has been a bust really this season so far, his scores since I traded for him were 1.1, 1.9, 1.3, 5.3 and then fucking 38.5! :confounded:


Pack wide outs a disaster with GOAT out injured


Just two straightforward points to take to heart @count_of_monte_crist

  1. Go
  2. Get your fucking shoe shine box

Two RBs on byes and dese pupz fucked you up.


Well done on the win this week you UUCOAM. Fucking cheat playing players who should be suspended.


Wonderful irony from a Patriots fan. Zeke has been found guilty of nothing.

Thanks cuntface! I wouldn’t write off the Eagles D going nuts tonight just yet though.


Ah no, I’m fucked. I’ve only the defence and Pryor going against them. And then you have the kicker of the same defence team, so it would take a highly improbable series of events for me to win. Fair scoring from Zeke though.


I have Ertz as well I suppose.

When Zeke goes off he fucking explodes.


I’m beginning to fancy my chances here :grinning:


Good win ya Hooke, I started too well.


Congrats you utter cunt @maroonandwhite

Seemingly my WRs decided to take a knee for the national anthem and not bother getting back up.


Some very toooooight games this week,this season has been cut throat.


Well done @Special_Olympiakos. My WR corps really went to shit and have done fuck all for me this weekend. 3 excellent scores for Gordon, Crowell and Richardson effectively beating my whole team.


Enjoy the turds




The Wexicans are finished at TFKNFLFF – they once ruled supreme but they are nobodies now since their king was stopped from playing by his Monagahn Queen.