The Great Segunda 17/18


Not over yet G. Sanders may not play later. Was hoping for more from Steelers D last night. Richardson was a good pick up for me last week and Gordon has been my best performer all year. My wr corps is rubbish tho and will ultimately see me to .500 at best


ah its over. I’m 7 behind and I only picked up the Kansas receiver off the street to fill a gap. Its about to start moving from here out, a bit cluttered in the middle 3-5/4-4 teams, so next 2 weeks will tell a lot.


At 2-6 I will have a good run at making the turds


You’ll be needing this. Bitch.


Well that was the unlikeliest win ever. Kelce outscored his teammates qb and wr by 22 to 19


A win is a win.


Who’s for the Drop Door lads?


@Gman hopefully.


@Lazarus fournette has fucked you up bro. I feel terrible here.

@croppy_boy ertz is inactive you stupid cunt


Plenty of time. Had to finish the wash up before my standard 5.40pm check.


I didn’t ask for your life story


I didn’t ask you to be a whingey bitch either but here we are.


Don’t feel bad buddy, I was fucked with or without Fournette this week. Injuries and byes have me screwed the last couple of weeks but I expect to be at full strength from here on and will be shocked if I don’t win out from here. Congrats on your win a mhaic, word of advice though, don’t leave Wentz on the bench again. Ever! He’s unbelievably good and probably great


I picked up ivory during week as I assumed Fournette was out. Did well for me today.


Ah shtop, every time i bench him or wilson they go on to outperform the other. I figured when he was up against the best D in the league this week (cc @Chucks_Nwoko @caulifloweredneanderthal @Raylan) id rest him, but he’s my boy from now on in. Except next week. When he’s on a bye.


Hard luck @Mullach_Ide. going into the late game I needed a strong performance from Cook and cooper to get me 25 or so points and luckily Cook produced the goods with 16. Tight finish though.


Here @Loko_Cove what happened with your crew this week?


Amari Cooper catching the Ravens onside kick at the death won you this game I think


I’m running on empty after a promising start. Things need to be addressed


Very tight this year, every team still in with a chance I’d say