The Great Segunda 17/18


No, he had 4 receptions (4 x 0.5) for 58 yards (5.8) to give him his 7.8 total. Catching an onside kick would only score if he had return yards. Cooks last catch for 7 yards with 5 mins left pushed me over the line.


I didn’t leave much on my bench! Congrats anyway.


Who needs a RB? Im looking for a WR. If you’ve a star one take a look at Lamar Miller or for a more middling one Rob Kelley


Offer sent.




He’s not on my roster.

I can offer an alternative though at TE rather than WR if you’re interested.


Im not. With evans suspended, dez banged up and two on byes im in trouble here. Don’t want to get rid of a good rb for a mediocre WR though.


What’s your team maroon?


Vicks puppies bro


Offer sent.


No thanks pal. I only saw the first half last night but i could not trust Hundley to make plays going forward. The segunda tradition of wildly inaccurate player evaluation when making trades continues i see


It’s always inaccurate when you’re not getting a fantastic deal sure.

Make some offers rather than whingeing about it. I’m willing to consider dealing any or my WRs bar Tate for the right offer,

EDIT: I offered you the direct replacement for Evans and you baulked. Madness!


Another offer sent


Why would i take jordy nelson or sanders? Their QBs are absolutely woeful


Pleasure doing business Commish. Now if you could just ok the trade you useless cunt. Cc @count_of_monte_crist


@croppy_boy check yo texts


??? Just tells me a trade has been cancelled.


No it doesn’t, check there again


@count_of_monte_crist has 4 QBs on his roster. Ballsy and it just might work.


Bye week for two, and waiting for the vikes to make a decision.

Quite obvious really.