The Great Segunda 17/18


is it…


What a year it has been so far in the segunda. we’ve matured as a league so the levels of vitriol and abuse have been markedly absent. But we can change, honest!

Only three games separate teams with the best record (cough cough) at 6-3 with the basement dwellers, the scoring from some teams (namely mine) has been exceptional at times, while other teams have kept 4 QBs on their rosters, such is the wide variety of abilities and IQs present in this years league.

Laz and Loko are still favourites to battle for supremacy, while tipp wankers crutches and mullach are facing the barrel of a gun. But its all up for grabs.


I always thought there was something a bit creepy about @Crutches.


I was recently informed that he is John Leahy’s illegitimate child


The golden years of the Segunda coincided with @ChocolateMice’s reign as commish.


I suppose it’s better than 4 (four) kickers


You’ve never let that go have you pal


Strange you weren’t as vocal last year…

It seems your Philly fan boy approach has finally benefited you… let’s hope the LT holds up this weekend.

I’m still not a fan of flutes from other leagues commenting here, reflects how bad their leagues are I suppose.


Which league has a roster supporting 4 QB’s mate?


Which gobshite didn’t understand how to set a line up last year?

HINT: It was you.


Whoa, touuuuchy :smiley:**
And not even remotely true




Mate, those were the typed words of somebody who had never ever in his life played the game, bizarre that you would expect somebody to know how to play without trying it out,
Are you the type to read the pages and pages of rules?? :confused:
4QBs is hilarious, I had two kickers for a few hours last year because of a missed waiver and I took an awful pisstaking.


I have 4 Qbs in my roster currently:

Derek Carr bye this week
Alex Smith bye this week
Case Keenum
Teddy Bridgewater as the Vikings starter has not yet been decided.

Like @maroonandwhite it’s quite simple.


The fact you had to explain this is a very sad indictment of the Turds and some Segs


No but then again I’m not an utter simpleton. It’s simple enough to fill the fucking empty roster slots in front of you.


You’ll have to get over yourself mate, dragging up posts of a lad who never ever played the game is a bit of a stretch.

Carry on fellas, I was only having a tickle, nice to see ye’ve woken up anyway.


The audit trail never lies.

Jog on.


Jaysus waivers have been slim pickings the last few weeks.


OMFG WHAT A CLAMPING :flushed::flushed::clap::clap::clap: