The hope McIlroy wins thread


My Dublin granny lost the rag with the Indian lads in the local shop because they didn’t know what a barmbrack was last Halloween. She fucking hates them now.


Whereas your Limerick Granny beat the shit out of them with one so they wouldn’t forget the next time.


What’s likable about McIlroy? Nothing. He’s good at golf but that’s a separate point.


Delighted for Rory



Always great to see an Irishman win something, :clap:


What a weekend for Irish sport.


Some way to close out a tournament


And wearing green today as well Volunteer Mcilroy🇮🇪!


One of our own, from 2012.


Best of luck to Rory for the week ahead. 10th time lucky.


The world hopes to see Tiger and Rory level going down the 18th level on the last day .


Absolutely. It’s great to have Eldrick back and in such good form.


Signing in


The world will stop for it . People will remember where there were in 50 years time . It will be a JFK , Princess Diana , 9/11 moment .


They’ll both be killed in a government conspiracy?


Hope all ye want gowls, Mr Spieth is the winner this year I’m afraid.


I’d give him zero chance. Putting is what saves him and it’s gone to shit on him.


Signing in. Backing one of our greatest sportsmen



Are you British?


I hope Rory makes the cut, it’s no fun otherwise