The hope McIlroy wins thread


Whadaya think?


First and foremost, he’s entitled to do what he wants and for that decision to be respected …

It’s been well documented that many his age feel Northern Irish more than Irish/British … that’s fine, but Northern Ireland doesn’t exist independent of one or the other… But not wanting to offend anyone? God hel’pus , the poor crater… Just as well he plays a game that allows his little ego to do as he wants… I’d have more respect for the pube headed cunt if he just admitted that he wants to be regarded as British.

He’s a quisling …


But not to himself I suppose?


What the fuck would you know about it in fairness.



Fuck all.


Rory is beautifully placed for the weekend.


It’s the weekend now mate


id say he knows fuck all about fuck all infairness


Running hot now


Rory hits the front with an eagle on 8.


He’s in a spot of bother here


Got out of it well


Some chip there on 17


Let’s hope he drops dead.


Robert, as a friend… Give the kid a break. We’re all in it together - quislings, wummers, bold fenian men, unionists. Let’s all get on board for the big push.


Signing in


Signing in as well hopefully 1st Irishman :ireland: to win in Augusta


You are one boring bastard


You wish


It would be a great win as well for the non-partionist, 32 county Golfing Union of Ireland. Eire soccer types with their partionist mindset are seething at the prospect of Rory winning.