The hope McIlroy wins thread


Signing the fuck in. :ireland:

Up yer bollix Reed :us:


Reed is a southern boy, won’t collapse. Rory needs to bring his A game if he wants to win.


Is it because he’s southern that he won’t choke?
Rory will destroy this fella*

I haven’t seen one shot and never heard of the other lad before right now


Southerners don’t choke pal.


Doug Sanders, Scott Norwood


How’s Rory doing lads? Will be able to hide today when the collapse happens? What grouping is he ‘out in’?


The last group. Is this another one of your crusades against a ‘clipe’ ?


What’s pube head winning by?


Hoping for a Tipp league win and our Rors to finish off the day as only the sixth major slam career winner in the gentleman’s game.

A feast of sport awaits


Aye. I’m just sitting down to the spuds now to get them out of the way


But neither will the Northerner


Who’s it going to be



McIlroy v Reed promises to be a modern day re-enactment of the American Civil War.

The northerner and supporter of the Union* versus the southerner who supports slavery (through his association with Nike).

*Who also supports slavery through his association with Nike.

I just hope Ken Burns doesn’t make an interminably boring documentary about it. Actually, Sky Sports’ interminably boring coverage will sort of fulfil that function, come to think of it.


Losing by three


Huh? I just wanna enjoy the drama. Will he be on tv a lot being in the last group?


Here you go kid. BBC2 coverage starts at 18:30.


Rory is always on tv every time he plays. Rory is box office.


Oh I know, everyone loves car crash tv.


What are the tv ratings for golf?


Looking like he’s going to Win THE OPEN now.

The Here's Hoping for McIlroy Thread