The Joe McDonagh Cup incorporating Christy Ring, Nicky Rackard and whoever else

I disagree with the talk last week of not wanting to ban speeches. Most of them are cringe - inducing.

There’s a nicer spread of ages in the recent Offaly U20’s than people give them credit for. Charlie Mitchell from the 2023 U20’s. Dan Bourke, Spain and King from the 2024 team. I didn’t realise until this week that Bourke wasn’t one of the minor crop from 22’. Possibly an unpopular opinion but I reckon he could have a better senior career than Screeney. A very smart player but doesn’t grab the headlines as much.

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That and the hook on David Dooley when he was bearing down on goal.

Johnny Kelly always set ups his sides ultra negatively. Played a sweeper against Carlow in last yrs final and were played off the pitch, ironically got a man sent off pushed up took over the game.

A few others have already said this months back.


I’d echo your sentiments about Offaly being fortunate to win alright. Laois were well on top in that second-half and couldn’t kick on. Fairly sure it was Kevin Martin who was over them when they were relegated to Christy Ring in 2019? Fennelly and Kelly came in then for the 2020 season and lost to Down in a penalty shoot-out the first year which was a bad look. The most impressive aspect of Kelly’s coaching career is probably that day he presided over a Munster club final victory against Ballygunner in 2019.

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