The Left has won! We're officially living in a WOKE Utopia (Sponsored by Bud Light)

Basic human compassion is now seen as a deadly enemy by these absolute nutcases.

They want book burnings in libraries, Bombay Street style burnings out of refugees fleeing war, and men inspecting women’s genitals in order to gain entry to toilets.

That’s the way it has gone.


You have to first work out whether you think opponents are deluded peace loving hippies who only eat lentils, or raw meat devouring warmongerers.

It can’t be both.

None of you lot seem to have made any advance on working out what your “opponents” are supposed to be, or who they are.

Far right sympathiser thinks “wokeism” is more oppressive than locking up women and using them for slave labour :smiley:


Apparently any good women ‘stand-up comedians’ were allowed to go free

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I’m interested to know what examples you’d give here.

The middle of the road seems to as wide as a razor’s edge these days.


This go woke go broke shit is hilarious. The USA is fucking nuts

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This isn’t a piss take. Imagine being so unsure of your own being and self-worth to have to pretend something and most importantly get it out there for a few likes. A commercial flight? The feeble minded are insane.

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He has to go

Himself and Keef Walsh need immediate placement in the Betty Ford Male Mid-Life crisis wing. Fuck me.


McCrea is an awful dose.

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Who is this he/him/gimp?

An absolute simpleton


Assume he’s going by boat

Albania with kids. Hope he has his Liam Neeson impression perfected.

I wouldn’t even attempt to guess where his accent is from.


Scary stuff when you see the genesis of it.

Fucking crazy.

governments are eroded by corporatism and that’s why you’re seeing alot of authoritarian nonsense creep in at a national level.

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Whatever happened to companies declaring that they are “an equal opportunity employer”.

If you’re not hiring the best people for the job you’re asking for performance issues. Race and gender are irrelevant to me in a hiring context.

Simple solution: put gender options on all application forms. Anyone replies with anything apart from male or female goes in the shredder


Middle class diversity. Very few lads from D1 working in the Big 4