The Let Kev at your Back thread


Lads, for any problem from head to toe, call down to Danny O’Neill in Myshall, Co Carlow. Don’t be wasting ye’re time and money with those medically qualified wasters.


Had some recent issues with sciatica but am glad to report that I’m on the mend.

I will be increasing my strength training over the winter as per the instructions of my Physical therapist. She recommends some dead lifts and a return to my old favourite TRX. She thinks adding these more regularly to my training schedule will sort my problems and avoid me having to go back into her.




Sciatica is a made up condition


Tis great for the auld disability payment.


If you are stable first


Its not.

But its far easier to fix than physios want you to believe.

This guy knows his shit on a number of subjects. But this is a good intervention here.


I disagree. I had savage back problems in my early 30s. I was listening to all sorts of shite from “experts”. I was convinced I was fucked. I spent 16k looking for answers. It was all in the head. A simple programme of strength and fitness will sort out any back issues. Now I run 20 marathons a year on average


A couple of ultra marathons too as well mate?


Thats you and its a bit of survivorship bias and confirmation bias. But you are also confirming what i am saying- strength is key

Not same for everyone.

However you are not far off either. 8/10 people who come into me with pains and sore backs etc just need exercise. 2/10 need soecific work. But majority just need to stop being lazy.

However those pains are real. So there is a need for interventions too.

What you met was the fraud that is physio


I’m self employed mate, I wouldn’t know a thing about benefits


Mine came on when my workload increased and I was soending 12-16 hours a day working coupled with 1-2 100km commutes up and down a week. Of course I was doing less training cos I’d fuck all time, and when I was training it wasn’t smart. It was running and cycling and fuckall strength work


Had my annual health check today mate. Doctor was oozing about the benefits of swimming and using muscles you do that use. Ties back to what you are saying there


Dan O Neill was found to be interfering with horses


Delighted to hear it mate. Feel free to use the pool in portmarnock anytime. Sure you come over here to play your football anyway so you know where you’re going.


Jealousy is a terrible thing you sick fuck.


Will do bro


This is no laughing matter mate. The horsey set are fucking deviants. DON is a a ringleader.


My physiotherapist basically told me to do what this guy says in the video, including the bit about stopping back stretches. Maybe they’re not all clueless.


Movement as medicine pal. Movement. As. Medicine.

Did he say the arm bands helped or hindered.