The Let Kev at your Back thread


I’m the best swimmer on the forum mate


Excluding @Horsebox obviously


True but he has the face of a dolphin


That’ll do it.

Its what we do little bits of every day is the issue. Lads like Davy Fitz don’t help, but its the dysfunction of life now is the real issue


Swimming is a wonderful pursuit. Its it like an endurance pursuit of spidermans and bird dogs against the water.

I don’t do enough of it myself. Might throw in once a week for winter.


No they are not. But whats worse it was rarely about clueless, it was about ethics and stealing money

Although some are poisioned by internships etc and greedy owners, many of the say under 35’s have more rounded approacges.

And then some of the older people are simply progressive. Not enough though. Still huge issues.

The ones not changing are getting found out though, thats for sure


Guys I seem to be a figure of fun of late. Don’t appreciate it, let’s all be friends.


Another night on the couch


Just say your sorry mate, she’ll thaw out then


Yes be the bigger man


If only…


Swamp swimming is noted for its health benefits


I’ve convinced myself I’ve a mixture of Australian flu a sinus infection and an impending heart attack. I’ve dosed myself with lemsip, I’ve just had a nebuliser and a nasal rinse and I’m about to rub olive oil and garlic into my feet before I go to bed. Pray for me lads.


@backinatracksuit If I havent posted by about 9am could you pop up and mine mine tomorrow? At least they’ll be in the best of care.


I’ll be doing breakfast around that time mate otherwise…

Hang on, was that a snide comment @The_Selfish_Giant?


I think it’s a compliment


It was a compliment. More importantly, I made it!


I’ve ruled out the heart attack lads but I definitely have some sort of flu. Chest and sinuses felt a lot better today which I’m putting down to the Neb, some yoga and the garlic on the soles of your feet thing. I’m about to do it do it again now.


My knee Is swollen to fuck lads. No idea why. I’ve no memory of doing anything to it yesterday but I woke up at 5. 30 today in pain. Got through the first job today but could barely walk down the stairs after. How do I get fluid off my knee.


Only one cure for fluid on the knee. A tap on the groin.