The Let Kev at your Back thread


Strengthening those weak legs would be a start.


That’s great @ChocolateMice. That’s more of a long term one though. What about right fucking now ha? I may well be cancelling my work this a fternoon.


Ok, pal… but just note that if this was the other way around you’d abuse the bollox off me…

You’re probably going to have to call off work for the evening and just keep leg elevated and use ice … start that now and see how it is in an hour or two. Get an elastic type bandage on it to support knee and reduce more fluid – nothing too tight, you know the ones you can get from local chemist… take anti - inflam - nurefon will do if that’s all you have… You need to get strengthening in general around the knee


Tà. Looks like I’ll be flexing out in my b and b in Cork for most of the day. Any good pubs in Cork for watching the racing lads? Cc @gilgamboa @backinatracksuit @caoimhaoin


Thousands of them, pal. Whereabouts are you?


Have you had some change in daily lifting recently? Climbing a lot more stairs? Bit of rest will see you right — could even be from all the driving and poor alignment, mate…


He’s fucked after climbing up the Fastnet lighthouse with the Mars bars.


Double Deckers offering 33% extra for free…


Depends where you are


Driving into Cork from west Cork. Tivoli/sliver springs area would be good. Would like a bookie nearby.


Hennessys aka fob and gill on the old youghal rd sounds perfect for your needs. Ladbrokes right next to it. Traditional north side bar


Drinking and gambling. No wonder you’re falling apart.


Drinking and gambling in Cork.


Not really. Working hard at the moment and it’s physical but it was absolutely ok last night. Did some yoga and had a swim. Watched Chelsea then went to bed. There’s no damage to the knee joint itself. It’s all around and under the kneecap.


More stretching when driving maybe.


Not yet I’m not. But if you need ice a boozer is the best place to go.


I’d say it’s gout


Not a hope. Mrs J has us on a savage healthy diet. I’d be freaked if I got gout without all the high living.


The High living thing is a myth


Get well soon, mate.