The Let Kev at your Back thread


Stretching is hardly ever the answer and usually long terms makes things worse


I certainly never claimed it was the long term answer - but i certainly dont think a little stretch when driving long hours will kill him.


What muscles though?

Possibly Hip Flexor but more activation and mobilizations

Traditional lengthening of muscles gives only temporary release and a false sense of intervention

Rocking half-Kneeling Hip Flexor mocements might help.

But Deadbug Bridges and Bird Dogs help more on a consistent basis.

Most Muscles should be like bungies not long stringy things that static stretching causes over time.

And then there is the complexity of tonic and phasic muscles




you must be a right butty little fucker.


I’m sure polish/limerick people will understand what you mean. I haven’t a clue.


“Butty little fucker” is a common enough turn of phrase outside Limerick/Poland, mate.

@balbec, yes @Juhniallio is a butty little fucker alright.


I find myself nodding in agreement here


What are you laughing at?


Don’t know how your left knee is hurting as you seem to be leaning very right much to the right.

No surprise there though!


Ok guys can we lay off @Juhniallio please


Only one spelling mistake, and proper layout and grammar. Where did you copy and paste that from?


Well if you shove it into Google ya dumb fuck you’d find out


Maybe spell it out in English going forward, mate… Some lad that delivers Mars bars all day may not understand what exactly you are saying and he may not think to put the specific terms into youtube to watch explanatory videos on them.


What are you going on about?

I said if I plagurized the whole thing it’s easy enough figure it out


I never said you didnt steal it. And As an expert in your field i’m sure the ability to break down such terminology into the working mans language comes naturally to you.


That is broken down



The missus did her back in work yesterday. She went to the GP who said her back needs to realign itself again and the best thing to do is have complete rest for a few days and hopefully it should occur after this. He gave her a bunch of painkillers as well.

Does that sound like reasonable advice to you? Should she be seeing a chiropractor or a physio?