The Let Kev at your Back thread


Kid - I’m not Kev - but i’ve had enough back issues. She should certainly see someone in a day or two when her back feels better… Rest is importantly initially but it’s important she gets back moving ASAP also - The problem with physios and the likes is that you might have to go through a few to find the right man/woman. I personally find physical therapists to be better (different to physio) BUT these guys will treat symptoms and bring relief / offer some advice to keep it from reoccurring but in the long run she needs to change something in her life if it’s a re-occurring theme - Dont know what your plans are for kids or if you have any at all, but she will need to have her back 100% and fully aligned before any pregnancy. Doctors know fuck all about injuries/rehab - grand for telling you what it is and what to take to feel better but i would never take a doctors advice when it comes to stuff like this.


Thanks Dr @ChocolateMice PhD

actually in my experience you are dead right


Choco talking a lot of sense here for once @farmerinthecity. If you live in central/south Dublin I can take the guesswork out of it for you and give you the number of my Osteopath. He is excellent. I have serious back issues but this guy fixed me and I go to him twice a year now for a service and all is well.


Cheers - I’ll see how it develops and I may be on to you.


If @ChocolateMice got up off his arse and got a job his back may not be as weak as it is. Waster.


I largely agree with this @farmerinthecity

Obviously if it’s really restricted then rest and an intervention is the answer initially.

Avoid pain killers if at all possible.

However I would try some hill walking and see what effect that has if she is not crippled.

It might be just a warning shot.

The doctor is talking thru his ass really.

But ass suggested. Lifestyle would probably have to change and some strength training needed.

Has she had a child?


Yeah – anti inflams are quite different to pain killers…

Bit of heat and ice also – heat especially to loosen out. All depends how bad she is really @farmerinthecity.


Not that I know of!


She is in bad pain and is very restricted in terms of movement, particular standing up straight and climbing the stairs.


Ok. It’s most likely years of office work and driving so.

Some professionals may use the whole dramatic effect and a bit if fear mongering. But in my experience people coming from that background are reasonably low hanging fruit in terms of getting right. 9/10 I would say.

Does she exercise?
Has she a history of sport?


Acupuncture would be my port of call in that case.

The message going from back to brain and visa versa is “stop whatever the fuck you are doing” and is in protectionism mode. Acupuncture realigns the nervous system.

I work with one of the best in Ireland here. If you want a Dublin recommendation I can get you one.


Ok — Hot water bottle under back - or a heat patch you can get in chemist… Short term solutions obviously… I wouldnt mind the pain killers initially but not more than a couple of days. Again, if she’s in agony hard to deny yourself relief tho… I’d get on the physio sooner rather than later kid. The problem could be a number of things and the back might just be the symptom. Simple bit of manipulation / massage etc might get her semi functional quicker than lying there. I know a great physical therapist in Cork if you want to lay her out on the back seat of the car and spin down.


Office work - yes.
Driving - no.
Exercise - yes, gym.
Sports - no,


She needs to move around a bit.



Gym, if you know.

Is it a few classes and a bit of treadmill/criss trainer kinda lark?

Or something more structured


According to ads for Voltorol, voltorol is excellent for relieving back pain


Carrying a 6ft 7’’ Leitrim man over the threshold was surely the catalyst here.


everything that is wrong with modern oireland summed up in a few short words


No. There is a personal trainer doing weights and stuff.

She has been at it for a while now although I would imagine that would be the suspected culprit for the issue yesterday.


As in he may have pushed her too hard or technique was not right or something?