The Let Kev at your Back thread



It was a lady trainer actually.


There you go.


That’s may be the case, but its just something g bringing the rest of the lifestyle to the forefront.

See how yer wan reacts to this. If she is looking for a solution and not being defensive then she maybe worth holding onto.
If dismissive she doesn’t give a fuck and your missus is a number
If she doesn’t have a solution she is not educated enough.

But it may be unfair to blame her.

Sitting for 6-10 hours a day for years does alot of damage. Training often highlights this.


Go way ya big eejit.


don’t snap mate


I came back from a nice lunch and stroll around town and I could’ve done without a barb directed at me by one of my e-buds. It’s kind of soured Friday for me.


it wasn’t a direct barb at you mate, just a harmless observation about one your posts


And there you go again. Just leave me alone!


That’s the problem with these snowflakes - they see everything as an attack on their very existence.


Jordon Peterson has spoken about how society needs free speech yet Horsebox has sand in his vagina over the most innocuous comment


We’ve a lot of work to do here, bro.


we cant go to hard on poor old horsebox , he isn’t the worst, never causes anybody any bother the poor sod


Just like my puppy here, we have to be firm but reward generously when he does what he’s told.


She could very well have injured her back jumping off a wardrobe onto a stranger’s cock.

A small possibility but worth investigating all the same.


That humour doesn’t really suit ya.

Stinks of trying too hard.

And you choose the wrong poster as well.

Awful internetting


Any update @farmerinthecity


She was ok over the weekend. She straightened up in terms of walking but still complained of pain in her lower back. Yesterday morning she was in a bad way pain wise so took herself to a physio who claimed she had no disc damage done but that her back was massively inflamed. Her stomach is at her now because of the painkillers.


She needs to get off pain killers, bro … A really strong anti inflam and use heat patch from chemist for day to day relief over next few days… Did the physio prescribe any exercise ?


Yeah - she gave her a sheet to follow.

Load of shite I think - but then again I don’t have much time for Physios.


It’s trial and error — I find that physios will always try to get you to come back for a few sessions more than necessary – I find physical therapists to be the opposite. It really is about trying a few until you find the right one , which is bollox really but what can you do.

Anyway, send her my regards, bro.