The Let Kev at your Back thread


Will do bro. Cheers.


My friend from the internet was asking for you.
Ya, he hopes your back is better.


Yeah and your problem is…?


Must be some Physio if he can tell there’s no disc damage without seeing an MRI scan. Does she have x ray eyes?


Ah lads for fuck sake.

I know ye all mean well and all but stop wrecking my head with all these questions and conflicting advice.

It is as it is. She seems happy enough so I’m happy.


Back fucked, been told heat and not a quack only needed. Those who told me heat and no quack were not qualified, in fact the were involved with GAA teams (cc @The_Selfish_Giant) but I have taken their advice.

If it’s not better by the weekend, I might give a quack or some Chinese lad with needles a go at it.


What Happened?

Did it involve a wispa bar?


No confectionary was involved. I’m putting it down to a draft but I can’t walk or bend. Was not doing any manual labour over the weekend, moved cattle to leave a couple of fields for silage and done the lawns but neither should have caused this.

I haven’t moaned as much since the flap problem.



the flap :rofl:


Start doing bridges as soon as you can. You will never look back


H[quote=“The_Selfish_Giant, post:1869, topic:12919”]

the flap :rofl:

It’s not all lawn tennis and yacht clubs down here. I’ve gone full KP. Not looking forward to the calving!

Fucking 4 x caused the flap…piss


You’ve changed man


Do they stil have the monthly couples nights in the yacht club? What do lads throw the car keys in now the ashtrays are gone?


Their handbags


Fixies don’t have keys


Any history of back pain, sciatica present now?


Would you mind explaining?


No history, just a pain across the bottom of my back flared up on Sunday. Feels very stiff and pain to get up or out of car.was crippled Tuesday in the office, getting better. Have heat pack on it and using various muscle gels.


Pulled a muscle maybe, if no major fall or impact its hard to see it being a spinal issue unless your posture is bad. or else if your under pressure mentally it can manifest in this way, i know that sounds like bollox but it aint. time to get moving, just walking, dont do any real stretching, if you can get into a pool and just walk up and down that will help. Theres a good physio in kilcock, fionnuala corcoran is her name, and obviously, a man in carlow…


Throw a ton on envigado in running in the colombian cup @ 11/4. They’ll make your back feel better in 20 mins