The Let Kev at your Back thread


Swim twice a week with the little fella. Love it. Guessing a pulled muscle. Will stretch and walk a bit more over the next couple of weeks.

Probably time for an MOT anyway so will book a full medical.


Sounds like Muscle spasms. Go to GP & get anti inflammatories or if really bad some Valium to help relax muscles.

Don’t leave any fucking chancers at your back.


But take advice from internet nutters


Some worse than others.


Thought I was having a heart pains a few years back. Into the Blackrock clinic for the day.,.€500 later found out I had a pulled muscle by sticking my arms out and falling towards the wall…Least I got a fiddle around the prostrate and learned recreational drugs was no concern to them…


Do theses daily and the back pain will be a thing of the past


Cheers. Whatever it takes


Go easy on the stretching! Walk like on damp grass will do wonders


You sound ideal for a few medical professional to rob blind for a while.

No doubt surgery will be suggested at some point.


I don’t even have a Dr Kev. MOT was a years ago, certainly won’t be getting knifed unless totally necessary.

I just think an MOT isn’t a bad thing. Two lads I worked with 50 somethings, found out they’d cancer, one liver, one prostrate from yearly check ups. Both fine now, made me think.

I didnt realise 50-65 was the dodgy years for blokes. Maybe 65 onwards but Jaysus 50!! …scary…


Well ya if you get thru that you are generally healthy. But stresses generally reduce too. I those ages people are often worried about wealth, kids issues more a factor, your own mortality etc. Stress is the real killer, in fact any inflammation.
Learning how to counteract inflammation of the brain, gut and muscle tissues really is the key to health. Avoid inflammation as best as ypu can obviously. But then have strategies to counter act any inflammation

Massive correlation between strength and many life long factors.
Disease avoidance
Sex life.

Everything enhanced by strength


Too much sitting down, happens us all. Get walking.


Strength training and walking (with some hills) = key to life


Walk backwards for a few minutes a few of times a day, walk sideways with large steps, do in the pool for better results,

I had the same issue recently @Ebeneezer_Goode, I was bent over and it was agony getting in and out of bed or the car, gave 240 Euro in total to a physio who had me in traction and on electric impulses, felt it was a waste of time,
Rest and a few basic exercises, look for a back pain yoga class or research a few appropriate yoga balances

But seriously, find a long stretch somewhere quiet and try the backwards and sideways walking


That fixed your back?


It would have gotten better anyway but of all the things that were done to me or that were suggested for me to do I felt it was the most beneficial in straightening me up,
Just a suggestion


The lower back is a curse on mankind.


Im going to start walking around the office here backwards and sideways. Ill let you know how I get on although. Id say the rest of the office will probably think Im pissed.


Stretching is mist often a disaster and solves nothing. Short term release.

If you don’t decompress and then strength you are at nothing. Hanging and letting your vertebrae move back to the heir more natural position is a start.

Contralateral exercises like Deadbug and bird dogs help alot. But general Trunk stability is key.

Yoga can be and disaster too. Can be good but has to be a really good instructor who understands back health and strength.


No sitting and being lazy cunts is the curse