The Let Kev at your Back thread


Nobody will bat an eyelid so


My yoga guy teaches the teachers, an Indian chap, fuck all personality but I’d say he knows his shit inside out, I really need to go back actually, it’s been a few weeks


Partially true, but it’s badly designed. Muscles are too small for it’s purpose.


Reformer Pilates. Game changer for backs.

Also google thoracic mobility prehab guys and lots of exercises.


Nope. Completely incorrect.

Perfect evolved.

We are useless cunts


:smile: exactly the response I expected.


Again mobility training is a help, but only partial intervention.


Well we’ll see who people listen to.

The lazy Garda or the fella getting people back healthy with years


Is there any of life’s problems that S&C can’t solve? It was solving autism last week, and this stuff this week.

cc @Gman


What are you dragging @Breaking_my_balls into this?


Can’t solve stupidity and ignorance.

Who is trying to solve autism???

I try to support people with autism and make their lives easier. Not sure anyone said they can solve it.

But yes. S&C Coaches are absolutely having the best success in solving back issues.


You posted it last week. S&C solves Autism and other learning difficulties


Show me that will ya.

You are full of shit


Back pain is best sorted by regular correct deadlifting.
That is all


Fuck that shit


Hinging in general.

Good Mornings helpful too.

It’s no brainer stuff really


Add 4-5 healthy years to your life if you can get up to a double Bodyweight Deadlift.


It doesn’t need to be anywhere near that heavy. Technique is all.


It’s not about the actual final load.

It’s about the process of getting there.

But the load is important too. Lifting above 80% capacity is very healthy. (And we do not have to actually lift double. Lifting your 3-5 max is safer and we can work out thru formula from there

It’s like the studies that show grip strength is an I dictator of longer life. One could sit at a desk with a squishy ball and get a better grip. But the reason most of the people in the research had a strong grip was from years of small developments .

Same concept.

From scratch should take at least 6 months to reach double, and anything up to 3 years. Time not important