The Let Kev at your Back thread


Just out of a meeting, I mentioned being in a bit of pain and may walk backwards and sideways around the office, got a few strange looks. The FD says I should do exercises on the floor which will help with my back. She didn’t mention if she would be involved but just in case I said I would do them at home…Id end up in trouble otherwise…

I’m at a business lunch today which will involve plenty of wine so the sideways walking or ending up on my back may happen anyway.


Floor exercises are definitely the start.

I know a few excellent strength coaches in Dublin if you need a contact


maybe you should stop chasing cows around a field mate?


Might take you up. Will try walking first, couldn’t pick up a pen at the moment. Getting in and out of the car after driving is a killer.

Currently have a heat strap thing on me. Will go for a walk tomorrow and swim Saturday.


I think you need to explain what happened your flap as your back could be over compensating for your flap not working


Ya driving is a cunt.

Try tilting the seat forward. May help short term, may not.

Sounds like hanging wpuld do alot for you


XXXX Gold ruined the flap. Never had an issue when I changed to Tooheys New.


you came from NZ with a fucked up flap


@Ebeneezer_Goode is hanging every weekend and most Monday mornings


True. I’m wrecked every Monday after a weekend with the kids. I come to work during the week for a break !


It’ll be 4-5 more years before someone lifts your dead bodyweight you mean.


I had to leave Parnell Park after the minor match yesterday with severe sciatica. I am in bed since. Never felt pain like it. I wouldn’t wish it on Paul Williams. I have to psyche myself up for half an hour before I hobble out for a piss. Doctor gave me a course of steroids but they are taking their fucking time kicking in.


Have you tried deadlifts while walking backwards?


Thumb hole shove repeat as necessary


Thanks fellas.

  1. Get out of the bed.
  2. lie on a hard surface
  3. Take whatever drugs to relieve the pain


Short term solution but may be needed.

Get active


Seriously lads. Getting active is not an option until the pain relief kicks in.As soon as it dors I have some stretching exercises to do. Currently the 10 yard walk to the jacks leaves me writhing in pain for 20 minutes afterwards


You’d want your head examined to be walking forwards into the jacks


Have you had it before?