The Let Kev at your Back thread


Absolutely the best thing now is rest and drugs. Valium or prozac recommended. Anything that relaxes the muscles. When you are well enough walking and your back exercises


Sorry @binkybarnes
That’s rotten bad news. Don’t know what to advise. Keep her lit.


No. Never any trouble. Just back from a week in Spain. Dodgy mattress, lack of exercise and traveling on buses and planes probably brought it on.


What steroids? You need gabapentin and something like Tylex as well as anti inflammatories. If it’s that bad you need to do an MRI if you haven’t already done so.


I would suggest a session with a chiropractor so, just make sure it’s a reputable one. I developed the same out of the blue, couldn’t walk for a couple of days, excruciating pain, after 1 session I could walk, bit of pain, after 2nd session I was back to normal. The chap I went to operates in Dublin and Naas, he was highly recommended


Prozac? Valium maybe, but how about trying an actual muscle relaxant. Baclofen (Gablofen) is excellent and pretty safe.


Deltacortril is the steroid I’m on along with Difene. I’m losing faith in them to be honest as I am 24 hours on them with no noticeable improvement. I am waiting on an MRI appointment in the next few days hopefully


Take a muscle relaxant then a xanax. Try get walking asap.


Difene aren’t worth a wank.

Tell the doc you want a box of oxi norm and enjoy the week off


Yes, there aren’t half enough people addicted to opiates already :rage:


Boys, I know I live on the Northside of Dublin but unfortunately Morphine and Valium are not freely available in my neck of the woods. Nonetheless I appreciate the advice and I’m going to throw a wobbler at the doctor in the morning to get something stronger.


You’ve been recommended everything bar Viagra so far


That chiro chap I mentioned has an office in Swords, don’t be taking a load of drugs, won’t work if its sciatica


Difene is shit. Ask to change to Vimovo. Gabapentin is for nerve pain and works very well for Sciatica. I doubt your GP will give you a script for the stronger stuff mentioned or for muscle relaxants as they are too addictive. There’s a chance you have a herniated disc so get the MRI booked. Try Affidea in Santry.


Stretching is absolutely not the answer.

Likely Decompression will work better.

Get an intervention like Decompression Circuit of acupuncture or something and then get moving


@Esso_Oil recommended doing this twice a day. Does anyone have her phone number?


Absolutely not, or not absolutely? You come across as very knowledgeable, in your field. You wouldn’t want posters to misinterpret you.


We aren’t americans we can give them up whenever we want


Absolutely not.

The muscles may already be over stretched. Often it’s a strength imbalance or an imbalance caused by injury. Stretching can give relief but this is usually a false dawn.

For things like sciatica compression of vertebrae is usually a large part of the issues.

Simply hanging full length from a height for as long as possible can offer real relief. Gravity allows vertabrAE release and decompress the spine taking pressure off the nerve.

Then strengthen and mobilizations


Wow, I’d say you are fit as a fiddle.