The Let Kev at your Back thread


My dad had decompression surgery for sciatica a few months back, aged 78, he’s back working an 8 hour day, never give up lads


WTF is he working at 78 for?


To keep himself active & fit, doesn’t need to do it financially


Has he considered having a mistress?


You wouldn’t be quite his type




Thanks a lot.


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For how long, an hour, a few hours?


Nah. The circuit I use or manipulate is 6-7 mins long

Do it as needes


Calling @caoimhaoin

I have serious discomfort in my lower back ( just above the buttocks ) and staying in a seated position or getting from a seated position is agony.

Lifting something did not cause this & it really only flared up after a long drive in a Car i dont usually drive.
Few people are telling me its my glutes & ive tried some stretches but they are very very sore to do.

Do you think this is the issue or should i be getting something else checked. Getting out of bed today was very difficult.


Getting beat up a stick by the Treaty men has been know to bring on such symptoms.


I thought you were in bad form the other night! That bridge technique that someone posted is nothing short of amazing




Same advice as I give to everyone.

Build glutes and contralteral movement
Build Trunk.
Exercise more


Calling @caoimhaoin I get bad upper back pains which seem skeletal every now and then after a bad car crash few years back, it came at me today out of nowhere as bad as ive ever felt it and its nearly unbearable now. It’s right on the spine between my shoulder blades and it’s aching through towards my chest. I think im fucked.


Sounds like a heart attack. Take 6 panadol and call the ambulance mate




Sounds like HIV


Sounds like you need to see a professional,
and give up the fags.


Is the car ok?