The Let Kev at your Back thread


My dad had decompression surgery for sciatica a few months back, aged 78, he’s back working an 8 hour day, never give up lads


WTF is he working at 78 for?


To keep himself active & fit, doesn’t need to do it financially


Has he considered having a mistress?


You wouldn’t be quite his type




Thanks a lot.


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For how long, an hour, a few hours?


Nah. The circuit I use or manipulate is 6-7 mins long

Do it as needes


Calling @caoimhaoin

I have serious discomfort in my lower back ( just above the buttocks ) and staying in a seated position or getting from a seated position is agony.

Lifting something did not cause this & it really only flared up after a long drive in a Car i dont usually drive.
Few people are telling me its my glutes & ive tried some stretches but they are very very sore to do.

Do you think this is the issue or should i be getting something else checked. Getting out of bed today was very difficult.


Getting beat up a stick by the Treaty men has been know to bring on such symptoms.


I thought you were in bad form the other night! That bridge technique that someone posted is nothing short of amazing




Same advice as I give to everyone.

Build glutes and contralteral movement
Build Trunk.
Exercise more