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2-2 FT That was a dogfight and we are still bang in the middle of the relegation dogfight. Shelvey is a donkey, cost us the win today. Brennan is worth 60 million, they will be coming for him in the Summer whatever happens

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We need 14 points, will have to be at home as our away form is non existent

Was at Everton game Sunday, but working nights so haven’t had chance to give my take on it til now.

We were bad, but it gives me comfort that Everton are even worse. Typical Dyche team - physical, loved timed wasting and deserved double the amount of cards they got for the fouling and gamesmanship. They didn’t have to work hard for their goals, a cheap penalty and Freuler caught asleep at the back after we had lost two headers. Typical Everton goals, they had zero creativity to muster up anything meaningful. Apart from one long range shot in the second half tipped over by Navas, he didn’t have a save to make. Everton’s main threats came from set pieces, they looked for Tarkowski and Keane each time but we were relatively solid at defending them.

As bad as Everton were, we didn’t do a great job at breaking them down, Johnson had the beating of Godfrey every time he ran at him but we didn’t give him the bal ll nearly enough. I would have liked to have seen more support from Aurier at doubling up on Godfrey. Serge had a solid game to be fair. Gibbs White did some good things but was quieter than i had hoped for. Him and Johnson are still our beacons of creativity and hope. An injury for either one of them and it would hurt us greatly.

People talk about our defence’s woes, but at present our midfield is the problem. Shelvey, Freuler and Colback are all relatively deep lying midfielders, they sit back, they don’t press. They almost let Ouana, McNeil and Decoure have the ball at will for a lot of the first half. It took the introduction of Yates to finally see someone do some pressing - he is our most important midfielder. He seems to be the only one willing to get stuck in. Ayew and Dennis both did good things when introduced along with Ryan Yates. I think Ayew will be a much better signing that Wood, who again did little, but to be fair he had shit service all day.

Shelvey would drive you mad with these Hollywood passes he keeps on trying with the outside of the right foot. For every one that comes off, ten don’t. If he would just keep possession and do the simple things he could be so much more effective. There’s a good player there, but he’s incredibly frustrating.

You’d still be very nervy of our current back two. Felipe seems less like a Brazilian centre half and more like a West Limerick farmer, such are his agricultural like clearances and general play. But he didn’t mess up, and neither did Worrall, even if his general forward distribution is poor. You could nit-pick and call them out over the second Everton goal, but ultimately it was Freuler’s mistake.

Speaking of our Swiss centre mid, many Forest fans don’t know what to make of him. While unspectacular for sure, he was far and away the most consistent of the three central mids. He didn’t give the ball away anywhere near as much as Shelvey and Colback. He’s tidy and he does the simple things well, but like the other two, he could provide better cover for our back four.

I’m not expecting anything at Spurs, as we are just shocking away from the City Ground. But as Ferguson once said……it’s Tottenham, so we live in hope. A point at home to Geordie land and I’ll be happy. That leave Wolves and Leeds as two massive games that ideally we take at least 3 points from.


Navas 7
Aurier 7
Worrall 6
Felipe 7
Lodi 7
Freuler 7
Shelvey 5
Colback 6
Gibbs White 7
Johnson 8
Wood 5

Yates: 8
Dennis 7
Ayew: 7


Some rating for Boly there

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@Lazarus @bod95 @Gary_Birtles_Lovechi - January 2021.


In my defence, I’m in the middle of nights at work :joy: Meant to say Lodi.

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J Lingz starts :scream:

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Oh shite

He must be vibing in training man.

Subbed at HT with team trailing 2-0

Why does coach cooper not bother with away games?


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@Lazarus @Gary_Birtles_Lovechi we’re in big trouble now have a tough run in, we simply can’t hold onto the ball and are relying on a few counter attacks to create chances, Newcastle despite the late winner totally outplayed us tonight

Absolutely brain dead from the defender. What the fuck was he thinking. Handed Newcastle the game. Literally.