The Official Nottingham Forest 🌳 Supporters Thread

Yeah, fuck you Everton.

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City will be playing Leinster Senior League next year .

And they’ll always have the tears of united and liverpool footix. The trophys denied. The pit united currently sit in.

It’ll make it all worth it.

Fuck um.

City can’t be demoted from the PL, as per PL rules, I’m nearly certain (somebody correct me if I’m wrong). They can lose titles and face points deductions. Rangers had to start from the bottom as the old entity went out of existence.

Give the Irish job to Steven Reid right now!


Had a lot of time for Larry, an absolute character & gent. Gave us 20 minutes of his time about 12 years back in the Southbank before a Derby game. Lovely guy, very witty, told some priceless Cloughie stories, he will be missed :saluting_face:



Forest badly need to put manners on their bench

Big win that I reckon 35 points* will be enough

*including the 4 point deduction

Christ it was like watching Brazil at times in the first half. Gibbs White absolutely unplayable. Should have gone in 5 or 6 up.
Our utter inability to defend set pieces meant the second half was more uncomfortable than it should have been.

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