The official Roman Catholic thread


I don’t see you moaning about them though. The Church have made huge strides in weeding out the bad ones. We’re a near 2000 year organisation, we’ve had our ups and our downs. Nobody is perfect.


The Muslims are the biggest child abusers out there and their religion actually forces them to treat their women like dogs.
But complete silence from @fisty on that one


The church has in it’s hole weeded out the “bad ones” as you so casually refer to them. The church, all churches (to appease your outrage at being singled out Dim) did absolutely everything in it’s power to protect the “bad ones” and evidently continues to do so based on Francis’ words and actions. While if course at the same time villifying the victims who were the ones who actually weeded them out. Take your fucking moral equivocation and shove it up your hole Dim.


Look over there! Muslims!


Seriously, why do you ignore the mad Muslims systematically treating their woman like pets while you froth at the mouth when it comes to Roman Catholicism?


there’s good and bad in every organisation


What have they done to poor old Mary McAleese?


Twas a bit of a side swipe to be sure


Pope Benedict xvi is nearing the end. I hope he can make it to his birthday in April.


What do the Catholics think about the emerging facts in past few years that the church helped Nazis escape and gave them money and passports and places to live using the red cross to get them out as well.


Did persil come up with these emerging facts?


The Nazis hated Roman Catholics.


Been common knowledge for decades Kev



But actual evidence is only around last few years

What a poisonous organisation it is




Actual evidence?


The Da Vinci Code


Wife came home raging from the little ones communion prep mass, instead of a sermon the priest read out some pre prepared statement about abortion and how the church values equally the life of the mother and the baby etc etc etc, the poor children were terrified by the language, fat lot the church cared about the lives of the mothers and babies in Tuam and Bessboro, the hypocricy is startling.
The church was full of fucking kids FFS sake, gobshites.


Good stuff. All these parents who think they can just use the First Holy Communion for a day for family pictures and a piss up are a disgrace.


How far you’ve fallen when that’s the automatic assumption about a busy church