The official Roman Catholic thread


That’s 90% of parents, mate.


What? If you don’t like the Church, don’t have your daughter make her First Holy Communion.

It’s a difficult topic but such is life.

You’re always in here with your snide remarks about the Church but are happy to use and abuse them.


Go on @HBV, that’s the third time you’ve started
Ah you gave up, I’d say it was dynamite and all
Hold on


First holy communion is more than a new pair of tackies for yoursrlf.


Brilliant :smile: worth the wait


Well done to the Catholic church.


I donr think your daughter should make her first holy communion.
Its not for families like yours


Hopefully this is a countrywide policy. This is an important subject that needs addressing.


Parents having a piss up at communions?


It certainly is


That’s a fucking disgrace. But not surprising either

When are we going to strip these cunts of their disgusting place in our society.


Be quiet bitch.


Are you saying the right time to have the discussion is the one week when you know the church will be full of 8 year old kids?


Jesus Christ on a week when the Muslims announce they are entitled to citcumcise their little girls this is what is outraging people?


This is exactly my point, in all fairness he could have dumbed it down a little and given a sermon based on the gospel or whatever, it is the ‘family mass’.
In the interests of transparency here and in response to the boorish claims that my daughter shouldn’t be allowed her communion my wife and older daughter are regular churchgoers, the kids can decide for themselves but certainly won’t choose not to make communion.

Where was I being a hypocrite @KinvarasPassion?


It’s Mass ffs. The Church needs to stay relevant for the moment we’re in.

Listen I know there’s plenty of people with zero faith who like to abuse the Church in private but happy to take advantage of them when needs be.

But if you’re going to come on screaming hypocrites and demanding the Church tailor their sermons to heathens like yourself, I’d suggest taking a long look in the mirror.


Nobody cares what you think.

Your are a non believer who hates the Church and is using it for your own ends.

If you have a problem with Church activists then don’t go, it’s quite simple. Why don’t you go to your daughter’s teacher tomorrow and withdraw her from the Sacraments if this irks you so.

Of course you won’t do that as you want your little day out. To think you call others hypocrites. :rollseyes:


Talking to 8 year olds about abortion is staying relevant?



Have a read of the Gospel there kid, life’s not all sunshine and rainbows.


You would not say that to my face I can assure you that.

We’ll. Not a 2nd time anyway