The official Roman Catholic thread


Who the fuck said it is. I don’t need any book to know that


What do you think Mass is about at all?



Stop straying from everyone reasonable persons point here.

Not the place .

Not the time.

I do not give a flying fuck what mass is for


I asked you have you read the Bible?

That is Mass.

The Bible tackles difficult subjects.

If you don’t like it, do not go.

It isn’t the Disney Club.



Listen kev you stupid clown of a young fella. Don’t try to a hard man with me. It makes you look like a bigger tit than what you most certainly are. Now shut your mouth and only respond to me when I address you. Have I made myself clear to you Kevin?, you fucking idiot.


I couldn’t give two fucks what the church says, mate, it’s pretty much finished and once the old folks die out it , it will all but be gone.

And it’s no wonder it’s dead with attitudes like yours. There’s 52 Sunday’s in the year , why decide to talk about it when the church is full of 8 year olds? Did they threaten to lock the little girls up in a laundry if they ever got pregnant out of wedlock?

I suppose they picked this week as the priest knew he’d have a few people in the place to talk to for a change, even tbo the majority of them are only going through the motions for a piss up in a few weeks.


Why are you on this thread then?


No it tells us how we should live our lives. (Catholic church)

Do not muddy the waters with the bible shit.

WE ARE DISCUSSING CATHOLIC CHURCH taking liberties and messing with 8 year olds. And we all know they did enough of that.

Yes the bible has some good messages and stories.

So did The Wire on HBO.


The bible is a collection of parables and stories from 2-5000 years ago, mate… Hardly relevant today, is it?


I’m on every thread.


It has held Western society together for 2000 years, what do you propose replacing it with


Blah blah blah.

The message stands.

You are just another alias of one of the other faggots on here.

We have seen it before you sad fucker


You mentioned your wife is a regular church goer. That’s fair enough.


Is the payment for that some young kids is it?

Turn a blind eye cos ye do an ok job over there.

Is that what you are supporting?

And of course it’s total bollix anyway


He didn’t even give a sermon, a church full of children and that’s what he leaves them with, barely an acknowledgement that they were there, it’s weird.
And this concern about mothers and babies, from the Catholic church in Ireland, that’s a good one.


Has it? There’s plenty of evidence to show it has held society back for 2000 years…

I’m not suggesting anything…why do you need a dogma to rule you?


I’m asking what is Western society going to replace it with?


Sure governments are telling children in Swedish schools to refer to their class mates as friend, instead of referring to them as a gender. Is that the society you want to raise your kids in.? If so fair enough, sounds like the inbetweeners ‘friend’ friend '.


Tgere is no one answer for that. It’s a ridiculous question

Replace the paedos and thieves?


You are saying the church is on the verge of disappearing yet you don’t know what’s going to replace it?

Is that what you are saying?