The official Roman Catholic thread




I think that was a letter from the church hierarchy . They are entitled to air their views and people will soon have a choice at the ballot box to reject it .



But what has that got to do with anything I have said?

The shit ye paedo apologists come up with is bizarre


Flesh that out

All I can see is materialism and narcissism


Instead of a sermon? There was nothing else, nothing to acknowledge the children in the church, it’s odd to say the least


I’m not an alias Kevin but if it makes you happy to think that work away. Keep posting away you lunatic. You’re some joker.


Its high time for these people who hate the Catholic church to stay away from It. To stop receiving it’s sacraments, nobody is forcing you.
To stop going to mass where the content is offending you, nobody wants you there anyway.
Most of all if you still can’t stay away at least stop coming home telling tales about how awful it was. Just stay the fuck away, you pathetic bitter fuckers.


Maybe but kids are gonna hear a lot about this topic over the next 6 months


Tour lost pal, let leo and the libraries lead you to the promise land you so crave.


It is odd, if it’s a family mass they should be making it child friendly, have a kids choir, have kids doing readings and prayers, have kids doing the gifts, have an appropriate sermon


There are no liberties.

It is Church teachings.

There is tough parts of life, our Church is there to provide guidance.

If you don’t like that, do not go.

I can’t make it simpler than that.


Their house their rules. If ye don’t like it, well you know what to do.


Don’t be obtuse

I’m speaking from a parish where the priest was brilliant at that stuff, loved in the community and people wanted to bring their kids

Fire and brimstone is off-putting



Oh yeah, Life was great under the thumb of the church… Glorious mind controlling days.


You are beneath my levels of understanding fella. That’s why you think I am a lunatic.

“All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.” Arthur Schopenhauer

I’m just ahead of most of you blokes.

So I understanding where you are at.

That does not mean I wouldn’t break your nose if you called me a bitch to my face. So keep it in mind.


You don’t know whether you’re coming or going. Tune out of this thread you fool.



I have no respect whatsoever for @backinatracksuit on this.

He regularly posts snide stuff about the Church. I doubt he has ever said a cross word about the Church away from the kitchen table with his wife on his second glass of red.

Screaming about hypocrites when he’ll be sitting there in a couple of months at his daughter’s Communion.


I don"t.

They control schools.

Force communion.

And then use their power in front of innocent kids.

Only a fucking weirdo thinks that’s ok


Of course you are Kevin and of course you would. You’re very easily rattled, physical threats, tut tut. Clown.


This message was brought to you by the drink driving, kerb crawling adulterer HBV.